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    CS3 .indd and .inx file freezes (not responding) in soft returns, copy/paste, across machines


      My file first started crashing when I tried to soft-return following an em-dash, en-dash, or hyphen. For a while I worked around this by soft-returning on the line below, typing in the text from above, and backspacing the line above (all to help with typesetting the rag).


      I had diagnositics run on my machine at the Genius Bar where they replaced my battery and ran first aid, etc.


      Software-wise, I've since tried deleting preferences, etc, in the library. I looked to delete the application support file but didn't find one. I also tried opening the file on a second laptop and it still crashed when I did the items above (returns, copy/paste). I tried exporting to an .inx to clean up the file. However, when I open it (Untitled) and try to save it as an .indd to keep working, the software freezes.


      I'm using InDesign CS3 and Mac OS 10.5.8.


      I've copied the crash report (from the frozen .inx saving) here: http://pastebin.com/Dq9UCgk1


      Thank you in advance for your assistance