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    How to start Fireworks as default?


      Ok, I was working on Fireworks for the first time today as I'm new in design. The problem is, each time I start Fireworks, I saw my workings which I have done earlier remain the same. For example, in my earlier work, I have used the rectangle tool in the toolbox, add some colors etc...and when I start Fireworks after that, the toolbox and other working places do start by default as it was when the first time I use Fireworks. How to reset them all?

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Try the Reset Warning Dialogs in Preferences under the General tab. If that doesn't do what you want, quit Fireworks, locate the Fireworks Preferences file on your hard disk and delete it. (The exact location of this file varies from system to system.) Restart Fireworks.

          The next time Fireworks is launched, a new preferences file is created.