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    Adobe Digital Editions printing problem.


      Hey there,


      Just signed up to post a question that I cannot find the answer to, its driving me nuts!


      Basically I downloaded a ebook, opened it up in ADE, and went to see if I could print it. A box popped up saying I can only print 206 pages, then it froze.

      So I tried again, this time it went to print but said I can only print 36 pages, this then changed each time I reopened the file.


      Can any explaine to me whats going on??


      I dont understand why it keeps changing everytime I reopen the file.


      Im using ADE on a mac by the way, and me being a idiot, didnt autorise this computer so I cant even move it to another computer?!?!! URGH! That annoyed me.


      Thanks in advance for any help!