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    Once I have locked a track once, INSERT and OVERLAY no longer function even after unlocking


      First off, thank you for reading this!


      My problem:

      Premiere Pro CS5


      When working in a project and I lock a track on my timeline after unlocking it INSERT and OVERLAY no longer will drop the video in that rack, even after unlocking it.  For example, I have locked the first audio track, inserted a clip, unlocked the audio track, go to insert another clip, it will insert the video only.  If I think lock the video track and unlock it, no longer will it insert video or audio.  I am still able to click and drag the clip from the source window and it will bring in the video and audio.  That is a workaround, but it is rather annoying and time consuming that I cannot use my keyboard shortcuts once I have locked a track.




      I have reinstalled with no success, and scoured the internet and have only found one other case of this happening with no explination on fixing it.  Just a shot in the dark if you all have seen or heard of this happening?


      Thanks so much, Jim