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    Some ALT+ combinations have stopped working


      I've used InDesign daily, since the day it was born, and I've created a bullet in my text with ALT+8 at least seventy bazillion times. Suddenly, ALT+8 doesn't work anymore. The ALT key(s) work under other circumstances; so does the "8" key. I still can get a bullet with ALT+0149. I can still get a bullet by using Type>Insert Special Characters>Symbols>Bullet. But the ALT+8 function is dead. I've tried it on different fonts, different sizes, I've shut down InDesign and opened it again. No change. It's not just the bullet, either ... I can't get a paragraph symbol, section symbol or trademark symbol using their ALT+ combinations, either. However, other ALT+ combinations DO work ... for the en dash, em dash, quotes, registration mark, copyright symbol.


      I'm totally perplexed ... would love it if somebody knows what's causing this ... thanks!