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    How are illustrations and statues listed in a List of Figures


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      This is not an InDesign technial question as much as a layout and form question. I know some here design books and am hopeful for help.


      I need to list all the illustrations, statues and drawings in a book. I know how to make a TOC, what I don't know is exactly what it should be called, and how artists should be listed. None of the illustrations or statues etc. are noted as Figure 3-5 etc.; I planned on using the captions and page number only, so "List of Figures" doesn't really woek. "List of Illustrations" isn't right as it contains statues. Some artists are known, some unknown. Some are stored at a monastery in India, some are with the artist.


      Can someone give me some idea of how to do this so it's correct and so I can get this darn book to the printer? 


      I'm happy to email a PDF or whatever if the below doesn't suffice.


      So many thanks to all. (Forgive me for not asking at software question.)








      Green Tārā ___________________________________   Cover

      By Ben Barta

      Detail of Green Tara thangka painting page xxxii

      Green Tārā ________________________  Frontispiece

      By Tara Sullivan

      Ink on paper


      Buddha Śhākyamuni ____________________ _______ xxx

      by Sanje Frank Elliott

      Thangka painting


      Green Tārā ____________________ _______________ xxxii

      By Ben Barta

      Thangka painting



      Tārāyogīni and the Tārās Who Protect from the Eight Perils ____________________   9

      By Gega Lama

      Thangka painting


      White Tārā ____________________ 14


      Statue and decoration

      Bokar Ngedon Choekhor Ling Monastery Collection




      The Twenty-One Tārās from the Tradition of Sūryagupta

      by Gega Lama

      Indiviual paintings

      Tārā Swift-Acting Heroine____________________36
      Tārā White Glow of the Moon 
      Tārā of Golden Hue
      ____________________          44
      Tārā Utterly Victorious Uṣhṇīṣha 
      _____________ 48
      Tārā Proclaiming HŪM 
      ____________________   50
      Tārā Utterly Victorious Over the Three Worlds 
      __  54
      Tārā Conqueress of Adversaries  
      ______________ 58