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    upgrading my motherboard


      Hi all,

      My MB died so time for a new one. My sytem is:

      gateway dx4830-05  http://support.gateway.com/s/desktop/2009/gateway/dx/dx4830/DX4830sp2.shtml

      i5 750

      8gb ddr3 1066 ram

      hd4650 1024 ati video

      300 watt power supply

      windows 7

      system hdd

      capture hdd 7200 wd 1gb that has also crapped out


      I am looking for advise on a good motherboard and graphics. I am looking at P7P55D-E LX with 1gb and a gts450 1gb card

      I am also going up to windows 7 professional. Is it worth the 120 bucks for the graphics card over my hd ati? would I benefit from 4gb more ram or is it worth the 100 bucks to upgrade to 12gb of 1333 ddr3? Was also looking at the gtx460 card but it is twice the money and don't know if I will realize a real world difference for that money.


      kicking around using a 60gb ssd drive for my system drive if the 100 bucks is worth it.  One more thing, I have a 450 watt power supply I will be using.