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    Automatic Layout Adjustments trouble

    BobM1990 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having this trouble for days and I really can't figure out how to solve it.


      So this is the situation: I am designing a brochure in InDesign, using  Master with a background etc. At first my automatic page numbering, set on the master, had a very strange position on the 2nd page. It wasn't set in the left corner but in the centre of the page. I tried to solve it but without any results, so I just removed the page numbering, hoping that this would make it work better.


      After exporting to PDF I discovered that now one of the objects on that page was automatically set in the centre of the spread, instead of the centre of the 2nd page.


      I tried opening a second new file and doing the work all over again, but the problem still appears.


      What setting do I need to change to solve this?



      Thanks in advance!