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    Paragraph borders & fills and splitting inline text boxes over column & page breaks


      Hi all


      I used InDesign very frequently up to version 3 and then the focus of my work moved to creating websites. However, I need to start creating a fair amount of documents in InDesign and have purchased Creative Suite 5.5.


      I just want to know if the following features are available (or the best possible workaround):


      1) Are full paragraph borders available yet (ie the ability to add borders to the left and right as well as top and bottom). Or do I still need to insert separate textboxes or single table cells into the flow of my document to achieve this?


      2) Are paragraph fills available yet? I want to reverse out section headings and these section heading may span multiple lines. If they were single line headings I'd be able to use suitably sized paragraph rules but that doesnt work with mutiple lines. Currently I use a single table cell to hold the headings.


      3) Am I able to split an inserted text box over column or page breaks. In my document I have certains text blocks that are quite long so it would be desirable for these to break into the next column or page.