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    Feature Wish List


      I been using FormCentral for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the features I personally miss the most.



      Calculations: We use forms for lots of stuff, but one of them is ordering stuff internally between departments. In this usecase I could really use some way to show the person ordering how much they bought for. In my usecase I could "settle" for some kind of table widget. Set column names, add rows and item price. Let the "amount" column be fillable by the user. The widget should calculate the subtotal column automatically and beneath the subtotal column a "total" cell should be added with the total price.

      Item name
      Item Price
      Filled by authorFilled by userFilled by authorCalculated


      Currency options: When currency is selected for a text field, add an open textfield (4 characters max perhaps?) under "required" "include help text", for the users to input their own currency symbol. Those who want to use the dollar can just input $ or an € or as I need here in Denmark "kr.".


      Validation options: I could use some more basic validation options. Amount of characters etc.


      Customize errormessages: As required fields generate an errormessage when not filled, I would like to be able to customize these for easy localization.



      While announcement emails helped quite a bit, I would really love to be able to mail predefined reciepients who has nothing to do with authoring the forms. In my usecase we have people handling a central storage who need to recieve a summary report when ever someone fills the form (an order), so they can ship the order. Likewise accounting needs a copy of the summary for them to handle the internal billings between the departments. So at the moment I need to use my own mail and then setup inbox rules who forward them to the correct emails. Basically I just need a textfield where I can put in emails seperated by commas.


      Closed and confirmation messages: I would really like to be able to rich text format these messages. ("Form X is closed. Please fill out form Y[hyperlink] instead" or "form is closed, please email xx@xx.dk[hyperlink] for further info")


      Predefined reciepients: Adding the entire workflow to importing reciepients emails, names and other background info. Sending out invite emails with unique urls that remembers how far the user progressed, reminder emails to those who has not started or completed the form yet. This would make FormCentral a truely all around information gathering system. We normally use other systems for this kind of large scale information gathering, but I would love to do it all in FormCentral


      And finally


      Excel report: I would like to be able to use 24hour format for "time submitted" column.



      Best regards