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    Can it be done?

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      I have a customers web portal / membership site I have done in CF. The
      client wishes to use PayPals membership system to do his monthly billing.
      However, PayPal doesn't offer any way to effectively pass variables.

      The site must go from the clients site, to the PayPal site, and back to the
      client site for confirmation. This is where I have a problem. Tracking which
      client / member is returning once the payment has been set up.

      I have an idea that I want to inquire if it will work.

      The first membership page is where the member chooses a username prior to
      going to the PayPal payment. Is it possible, after the validation and
      checking the new username, to have CF write a 1 day cookie to the client's
      machine the holds the new username. Then after the payment has been
      submitted, return to the site, have the site look up the cookie with the
      username and hold that in a hidden variable? This way the post payment
      variable, which will be manually passed in the URL will be associated with
      the correct username for the member.

      I know that this will not be effective if the client has their cookies
      turned off.

      Will that work?

      Wally Kolcz
      Developer / Support