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    Update Task assigned to a User

    chalukya Level 2

      Hi All,


      I have a scenario:


      A member from Group 'A' initiates a form form workspace which is sent for verification to Group 'B' members.

      At this stage the form is with Group 'B' and any Group 'B' member can claim the form and approve the form.


      Now the requirement is:

      Until any member from Group 'B' claims the form, the initiator from Group 'A' should be able to make any changes

      in the initiated form. And members of Group 'B' should always see the latest updated form.


      I am stuck.


      Please help me with some logic, work around or any solution for this.


      Thanks and Regards-


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          chalukya Level 2

          Hello ...


          Is there on solution for this ??




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            $Nith$ Level 4

            You usually create XML variable to hold the form data.

            Try to modify that XML variable value and check if its updated when Group B opens the Task.

            If not, while rendering the form for Group B, pull XML variable data from database and remerge it with the form template.


            PS: You will need to provide an UI for the initiator to update the submitted form data.



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              Mark Lindberg Level 2


              I am curious about how you would provide the UI to the Group A individual.

              I am currently trying to solve a requirement where a review step needs to be performed by 50 reviewers concurrently.

              The client would like each reviewer to retain access and update rights even after they have submitted, until all 50 reviews have been performed.

              At that point, the document would then pass to the next step in the process.


              Is there a technique for manually closing an And-Wait gateway fork?

              Is there a way for a process to detect if all paths of a fork have completed from within the gateway?


              If so, I could re-cycle each user to a keep-open Assign Task that would keep the document available to them in their To-Do list - but close it out if all reviews have been submitted.


              Thanks for your ideas.