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    Inter-application scripting (JS)




      This is a cry for help - I've been tearing my hair out for the past three hours. Here's a basic outline of what I want to do with one script that's executed in InDesign:


      1. Copy the selected page item in InDesign
      2. Paste it into CorelDRAW
      3. Run a CorelDRAW macro to process the pasted object
      4. Copy the CorelDRAW object to the clipboard
      5. Paste the object in InDesign


      N.B. before anyone says "you can't copy and paste between InDesign and CorelDRAW", you can with the help of a macro.


      So the question is - is the above even possible? I've been reading a lot about doScript and it sounds like this would be the key, but I've only found one, very brief, cross application example (that was written in JS and applescript, and I can execute the latter).


      If it is possible to do this, any pointers would be very, very, very much appreciated!