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    CS5: Rending from a movie is unbearably slow

    TheFosterHouse Level 1

      I've been running into a recurring issue with rendering from a movie where the render takes way too long. My testing comp is 90 seconds long, 1920 x 1080, 23.976fps at 16bit using 2k source encoded with Prores 4444. With all the compositing and color correction, the render from source takes about 40 minutes. If I bring that rendered movie back in and create a new comp with only that movie, it'll take 28 minutes to render.  I've done numerous test and no matter what I do, it won't speed up. I've tried Prores 4444, Prores 422 & Animation compression and they're all the same. JPEG and Tiff sequences took 17 and 14 minutes respectfully, much shorter, but still way too long. I've tried with and without multi-processing and spent hours testing numerous configurations in the multiprocessing panel with no notable change in render times. I've tried different drives for source and destinations. My main source volume is a dual SAS 8 Bay RAID that has been thoroughly checked to ensure that it isn't the bottleneck. FCP7, QTpro7 and Premiere Pro CS5 can export the same movie files in about 3 minutes.  I don't know what's causing this but it's absolutely maddening. Here's my system specs:


      12-core Mac Pro.

      26 Gb of Ram

      OS 10.6.8

      ATI Radion HD 5870

      AE CS5