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    Hiding the "Submit Form" button in Reader


      I am referring to the "Submit Form" button that is part of the application (just to the right of the Highlight Fields button) rather than one that appears on the PDF document itself.

      This is for a PDF form for a company with many branches.

      I want to create a form that users can fill out and save in Reader, but I don't want them to submit it electronically, because I need them to provide a photo as well. I just want them to save the filled-out form and then email it together with a photo to their local branch manager, and I do not have a complete list of branch managers; I am assuming that the user knows the email address of their branch manager. So I either want to hide the Submit Form botton or change it to Save Form.


      I am trying this  on a PC (specifically Acrobat 9, Acrobat Reader 9 and Windows Vista Home Premium), and also on a Mac. On both platforms, when I take an existing form and distribute it to get one that can be filled out n Reader, Acrobat generates a form that Reader displays with the Submit Form button.