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    Binding solution

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      I told Amy that I'd give the solution to the problem I had binding an array.  Since it would be at the bottom of the thread I decided to put it in a new one so anyone that wanted would be able to easily see the solution.  This is something she and Alex have been trying to help me with for over a week.  It probably would have been easier for them if a more knowledgeable person were involved at my end.  Background:


      I wanted to bind an array to a singleton class.  That way I could change the singleton in the application and have it reflect in the component.  The change was needed as some of our clients speak Spanish or are most comfortable in Spanish and use the public library as their only computer source.


      Incorrect method (I"m not going to give all the code snippits to save space):

      I had a variable of array type that was bound to the control.  It was also bound to the singleton.  Other than binding, it was local to the component.


      Correct method:

      I bound the singleton directly to the control and it worked.  Binding it to a variable that was bound was too much for Flex.


      Hats off to a consultant Leo Wong of Vancouver that was given the same snippits I posted here.  He is a consultant here (until Wednesday unfortunately).  He said it took him eight minutes to figure it all out.  I'm hoping we find a way to keep him here longer - what a resource!  He actually works on another project of ours.  A multi-million dollar system that my team will take over when they all go.