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    Rendering Images




      I have a folder with 1000's of images that are all images of frames from my 3d scene and I was wondering what the best way is to stich them all together within Premier Pro or if its any better using After Effects as the movie file will end up there so a new background can be composited in.


      Many thanks

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming they're all numbered sequentially, just import them as normal:


          In Premiere Pro, choose File > Import, pick the first image and check the little box that says "numbered stills".


          Once imported you'll need to tell Prem what the frame rate should be - you do that by right-clicking on the imported "movie", and choosing Modify > Interpret footage. You can also use this dialog to control if the alpha channel is used, and if the pixels are non-square.



          In AE it's effectively the same but with different names:


          • File > Import > File
          • Pick the first image and tick "xxx Sequence" (it'll depend on the file type as to what it says).
          • Right-click > Interpret Footage > Main
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            Daz1761 Level 1

            Thanks very much, yes they are all numbered in order when rendered by Lightwave 10


            Will try another experiment with the alpha channel within a .TARGA rendered scene and see how i get on


            Thanks again!