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    Reproducing Flash effects in PDF




      We have a tool that allows users to apply various effects to elements on the Flash canvas, like text and image elements.  We are using this for a WYSIWYG Web-to-print application, and are looking for a good way to reproduce the effects in a PDF file, with output that is the same as what the user sees in Flash.  Our project files are a straightforward XML format, with an XML element for each object in the project (e.g. text item, shape, image, etc.).


      Currently we generate the effects by taking a screenshot of the element with effects in Flash and replacing the original element with the screenshot during PDF generation.  This often gives good results, but is proving a bit slow and error-prone, especially for large projects where we have to upload a big screenshot for each element.


      It would be better to preserve the effect information in the project, then apply the effects when we are creating our PDF.  However, we cannot find a tool that can produce the same effects as Flash using the same parameters.


      We have looked at using FXG files, which seem to use effects information that is the same as Flash, but we can't find a reliable way to convert them to PDF on a server while preserving effects.


      We have looked at using SVG files, which can specify effects very precisely, but we can't figure out how to map Flash effects to SVG, or how to work with SVG reliably in Flash.


      Any help or ideas are appreciated!