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    One Button to URL works, Second Button will not


      I am relatively new to Flash CS5, using AS2.

      I have made two buttons on the same frame linking to two separate urls.  I made them the exact same way, however only one of them works when tested in the swf file.  I put the buttons on two separate layers thinking that could have been a problem, but it still won't work.  There is no error, and when the house hovers over both buttons the finger shows, recognizing that it is a button.  Only the second button will actually open up the webpage.


      Here is the code I am using for the first button (the one that won't work):


      on (release) {





      Second button:


      on (release) {





      I have searched for a solution and tried to add the button instance before but only find the error "Expected a field name after '.' operator" once I put those in.  (And yes, my instance starts with a letter, not a number). 



      If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.. thanks!