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    How to get Flash to use AIR 2.7 for iOS?

    Botilada Level 1

      How do I force Flash Pro to use AIR 2.7 for an iOS-project?


      When choosing Publish settings you can only choose AIR for iOS without any version numbers. But when you choose only AIR there is a version number. According to an informative video http://tv.adobe.com/watch/flash-platform-in-action/adobe-air-27-faster-app-performance-on- ios/ it seems like 2.7 could be the solution to my problems. Obviously the 2.7 version is for iOS too and not for "AIR only".


      I have installed 2.7 but in the xml-file that follows with the ipa-file that has been created it says AIR 2.6. But when I try to download 2.7 (again) I get the information that I already have AIR installed... I guess "he/she" means 2.7 because I can see it in a dll-file (according to instructions on a web page on www.adobe.com (can't find it right now)).


      So why am I not getting the ipa-file created with AIR 2.7? What can I do to make it happen?


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