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    table of context doesn't show anything


      hi, im farely new to indesign, but im making a novel with it, almost finished except for the table of context part.

      i made the chapter titles by insert variables/file name, on master-b, on each indd document, with the character style"chatper title"

      but when i need to generate a table of context, i chose paragrah style as"chapter title", and nothing shows up...

      is there anything im doing it wrong? how should i make a context??

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Table Of Contents works by retrieving text that has included PARAGRAPH styles, not character styles. I'm totally lost as to why you would be using a variable at all.


          The typical way this is handled is that your chapter titles would all share a paragraph style (which most likely would not be used for anything else). You would select that style for inclusion in the TOC.


          Seems to me this is well covered in the Help files. Have you read about TOC there?