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    No Font-Embedding using AIR 3.0 in Flash Professional (for iOS Development)

    Cedmo55 Level 1

      Hey there,


      we're developing some plain AS3 projects using Flash Professional (to compile) and Flash Builder.


      All is working good with the new AIR 3.0 release and performance is better than with AIR 2.6


      I followed this tutorial and simlar to use AIR 3.0 instead of AIR 2.6:




      Sadly today we saw a new issue with font embedding. Neither using Flash Professional itself or Embed-Tag in the code itself works. Also we see that the SWF size does not change when adding multiple fonts.


      Anybody has a clue where this issue might be caused? I can think that the way fonts are embedded has changed in AIR 3.0 and it's not working with the "replace AIR 2.6 with AIR X.Y trick".


      Any help welcome.