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    Adjust color filter drives me insane

    Paevo Kelley Level 2

      I have a bitmap with a complex shape (rounded corner) and grandient whose fill I would like to change. Problem is, I have never understood how FW calculates the Hue and Saturation levels. The color I want is H = 69, S = 161 and B = 120, or #57d524. When I put these numbers in, I get white. What's the point of having the option to designate the exact levels if all I get is white? Then I have to "eyeball" the color, which I don't want to do.


      The ideal would be either 1) for the panel to work as advertised or 2) for there to be a "convert bitmap to shape" command, then I could set the gradient colors as I wanted. As it stands now, I have to create a shape approximating the bitmap, then change the blending mode to get the proper color (pain in the butt)...