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    Wire Removal with Moving Camera


      Hi Guys,


      I'm working on this movie for a project and was really hoping for some VFX advice. It would really help me out.


      We have this one shot (you can see in the video below) where the camera is tracking from left to right and an actor gets pulled with a rope out of the scene. Now we didn't have a track for the camera so it was handheld.


      I tried to do the same path for a clean plate, but it looks slightly different perspective wise (maybe a step closer).


      Anyways, so I am trying to remove the rope from the shot. If you'd like you can take a loot at the video of the 2 shots.



      What would be your plan of action to do this?


      I've tried tried line up some of the lean plate footage by eye frame by frame but when it's played back it kinda jumps around and is noticeable.


      I would greatly appreciate some wisdom and approaches to take.


      Tools I have are After Effects, Mocha, Photoshop


      Thanks guys,


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          TheFosterHouse Level 1

          Effect > Keying > CC Simple Wire Removal.

          try that first.


          Red Giant Software makes a Wire/Rig Remover as part of their key correct package as well

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            Videotpol Level 1

            I did give that a try, but I think the way the background is in this particular shot, the result is not very plausible.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The first thing you need to do is to track the footage with the rope and stabilize the part that has the rope in the shot. You want to eliminate the movement as much as possible. Then you'll mask out just the area that has the rope and run your wire removal there. There should be enough good background material to successfully remove the rope. What looks funky can be corrected with the clone stamp.  Once you're done, you just put the movement back in the shot. If you want to try and use the clean plate you'll have to stabilize and probably time-remap that shot also to get it to match up.


              There are a bunch of tutorials on stabilizing footage. I'd start there.


              The next time you try and shoot something like this lock off the camera. Your clean plate must match within milimeters and within hundredths of a second to get it to work as a replacement. If your camera isn't on a dolly it's nearly impossible to line up a clean plate in post.

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