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    [JS] [CS5] Ajax request

    Roy Marshall Level 1



      I am looking for some intial feedback before pursuing this further.


      I have various scripts that place from a web based image library, the actual files are stored on a network attached volume. During the life of an image, it can be updated using our web interface, but InDesign has no notification that this file is now out of date. The database obviously keeps a track of the status, and this info is stored in a sql table.


      Before I look into this further, I need to know if i can construct and pass a SQL query, or an AJAX request to get the status of the image.


      I have not ventured into this area up to now, keeping all my scripting local based with no server interaction, but would like to see what is possible.


      If anyone can offer any suggestions as to my next step II would appreciate it.





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          Haakenlid Level 3

          This can be done. Extendscript has a built in Socket object that can be used to send HTTP requests to a web server.
          Someone recently posted some code that shows how you can make  a  HTTP request correctly.
          You can have a simple php-script or similar on the webserver that does the actual database query and returns the data you want.

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