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    SQLite - populating a list with records from a table


      I'm fairly new to FB and AIR but have run myself through some tutorials regarding event handling and code structure. I have made some progress with an app for my Android 'phone which uses and SQLite database.


      I've created the DB and stored it under assets.


      I can open and read from it and store the records from a table in the DB to an array and then put the records into an arraycollection.


      via the list dataprovider I then can assign the records to the list and they show up at runtime in the list.


      I then presumed that the list changehandler event would allow me to assign the selecteditem in the list to a label control. Unfortunately the label control just gets 'object object' displayed when a list item is selected - almost a sif the list were empty.


      I cannot work out how to paste the code into this forum message but any advice on either of these problems would be greatly appreciated.