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    Target not working on one of the pages!?!


      Please help!


      I made a site several years ago and was today asked to update the site with a new email address. I don't do web design that much anymore, so the site is originally made with Dreamweaver MX and I'm not up to date on the latest programs.


      The page is made with frames, to the left you have the menu that updates the right side with the pages. The menu is working fine except on the contact page (Mottagning/Kontakt) that I updated. Now when you get to the contact page and then click on one of the links in the menu, this page opens in a new page without the frame. This happens in Safari and Chrome, but not in Firefox and IE. I'm not sure the problem hasn't been there before, and I've checked the menu and the "targets" seems to be in order.


      This is really, really annoying! Can anyone help me sort this out?