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    Premiere cs5.5 does not load

    elrogg Level 1

      I just installed Creative Suite Production Premium 5.5 on a Windows 7 computer.  All was fine until suddenly Premiere would not fully load.  It began the process and then would go away.  Adobe support told me to create another user name with admin permission which I did and that fixed it.  She said it was a Windows 7 permission problem.  Does anyone know exactly what kind of problem it is?  She didn't seem to and I would like to know in case it keeps happening? 



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Video editing is about the most demanding application on a computer and needs all the resources of the system to work OK. You only get access to all resources by only using the software with full administrative rights, so when editing, always log in with those rights.

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            elrogg Level 1

            Thanks Harm.  I do fire up Premiere in Administrator mode, but in this case it did not help.  I also tried holding down shift when opening the program and still no joy.  The only thing that worked was creating a new User Account.  I am thinking of reinstalling Premiere to see if that fixes it. 

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Back in the days of ... I remember Adobe TS telling me the same thing, but I abhor user accounts, because they tend to clutter your boot disk, fragment it and fill it with utterly senseless files. I would rather uninstall, clean and reinstall than making a new user account, but that is me.


              I have only one user account on my system with full administrator rights, and extended on that by giving myself even more privileges for accessing data on my disks, even hidden and system files that are not normally accessible to administrators, but only to system owners. Not advisable for everybody, but I'm not everybody, I think.


              In your case I think it makes sense to remove the newly created user account, de-activate CS5, uninstall CS5, run the Clean Script tool several times, reboot and then first clean up your boot disk, defragging and cleaning up your registry with CCleaner or similar, reboot again and then install, being logged in as the sole user with full administrative rights, CS5 again.


              This way you clean up your user accounts, remove superfluous files no longer needed, clean up your registry and get a fresh install of CS5.

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                elrogg Level 1

                You are right.  I am just patching bad onto bad, I think it's time for a ream and clean.  Thanks.