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    ExporterAVI.prm problem


      I can not load Premiere Pro CS5, Media Encorder CS5 or Encoder CS5 as they all hang up when installing ExporterAVI.prm.


      If I remove the file from the plug-in folder, Premiere Pro CS5 loads, but I can not import any of my files.


      Premiere Pro CS5 was working at one time but I have not had time to do any editing for a long time. I had installed Service Pack 1 for Win 7 and thought that might be the problem so I uninstalled the service pack. No help as the program hung up at the same place as before.


      I have searched the web for a new copy of the file but can not find one.


      I uninstalled and re-installed Premiere Pro CS5 a couple weeks ago but that did not fix my problem.


      I finally have some time to search for a solution to my problem.


      Does any one have some ideas???