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    Problems importing MP3s into Flash CS5.5


      I have been using the new version of Flash since it came out in May or June and have had no problems with sound file import. Now today all of a sudden I can't import MP3s - I get an error that says it can't import the file, but nothing further to help me diagnose the problem. I have downloaded these from the web from a company that records files - the same company I have used before with no problems. The old files from them still work, but the new files, and recent MP3s I've downloaded won't work. I tried downloading on another machine with Windows NT but that didn't work either. I have had a programmer work with the MP3s to make sure they were indeed formatted as MP3, and those files won't import either. I have no idea what to do. I am on Windows 7 Pro. I also turned off my firewall in case that was the problem, and still no resolution.