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    Draw stroke or line on layer


      Hello Members,

      First, thanks to the Adobe forums for the outstanding level

      of information and help in the forums I frequent!



      I have searched around, but never quite could figure out how to do

      this:  a "ball" or circle moves over a map from city A to city B to C,

      etc.  As my little ball moves a nice 'line' traces on the map

      (a brush stroke?).


      I have seen tutorials on writing a signature, but those just

      reveal what is already underneath (Ahron Stern, signature for one,

      and another from Layers Magazine).  What is a good way to draw a line

      that just follows the ball as it moves over the map?


      I have currently, four layers.  At the bottom is the map, next a

      black solid with opacity set at about 45 or 50 percent.

      the layer on top of the solid is a bunch of dots and city names (no animation here, just opacity change),

      the dots and text are over matching city names on the map. 

      The top most layer is the object (a small circle) that I want

      to move from city to city, with a line tracing the path of the ball.


      I would like the ball to move from point to point, following a path based on the roads on the map.

      Then as the ball moves, a line is drawn over the path along the road.


      I have checked around on this, but have yet to figure a way to get this done.





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Add another solid. Add a mask path that matches the path of your moving ball. You can do this precisely by selecting all of the position keyframes of your ball layer, copying, then start a new mask with at least 1 vertex on the new solid and paste.


          Now apply stroke on transparent and animate the end point or start point of the stroke. EZ as pie and a Google Search for "Animated route tutorial brings up this video the covers the basics. I took about 10 seconds to scan it and it will show you how to draw a mask and animate a stroke.

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            ewholz-mac Level 1

            Hello Rick,


            Thanks for this one!  perfect.