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    How do I keep images from deteriorating in InDesign?

    mario.milosevic Level 1

      I'm making book covers to use in CreateSpace, which means I have to make PDFs of my InDesign file. I can make a PDF fine, but here's my problem: Every time I save the file, the images get progressively more pixilated. If I make a PDF as soon as I create the InDesign file, everything is fine. But if I make changes to the ID file and have to save it a few times, then the images in the PDF get more and more pixellated until they are too bad to use. This happens even if I use the "Save as" option instead of the "Save" option.


      My fix has been to replace the images at the very end of my process, just before I make the PDF. But this is a very tedious process and it means I'm doing double work. Any idea what I should do? I'm not a power user, so there might be something very simple that I don't know about it.