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    linking problem




      I have been trying to develop a new web site.  I am starting the process in Fireworks.  I now have two pages + the Master Page.  The  two pages are Index_opening and second is Catergory. When I try to link the Opening page to the category page every thing is fine ie:  the rollover and clicking of "Enter" works.  However, in the browser (Firefox) I get the following message instead of the category page:


      Firefox can't find the file at /Users/gilbert/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5.1/FWTemp/1153886/category.html.


      Can anyone give me a clue as to what is the problem????



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          pixlor Level 4

          Firefox can't find the file, because the path is incomplete. Besides, you don't want to save your files in a Temp folder.


          Make a new folder somewhere for your site. Make a sub-folder for your working files and save your FW working document in the working folder. Create another sub-folder for your site files and export your HTML there. In your site folder, create an images folder (name it images). Export your graphics to the images folder.


          Then, in the links, make sure you have the correct references. You may need to save your FW doc and re-export your HTML files to get the correct links. If you export your HTML files in the same folder, all you need is the reference to the HTML files. If you export your graphics to the images folder, then the links would be images/myimagefile.jpg (or whatever the name of the image is).


          By keeping your working documents and your site files separate, you can upload the entire contents of the site folder to your Web host.

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            gweingourt Level 1

            Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000175 EndHTML:0000004626 StartFragment:0000002360 EndFragment:0000004590 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/gilbert/Desktop/LinkingQuestion.doc                  


            I am starting from scratch.  I started a new FW CS5 file, named it and placed it in a new folder that holds all the jpeg images that will go into the file.  I renamed the page (1) as index_opening.  Created a new page (2) and named it category.  Placed a simple jpeg image on page 2 (category). Created a rollover and link from page 1 to page 2.  Exported the file to the root folderie:  html and images, Export HTML File, export slices, selected pages:  I previewed it in browser and that same prompt came up:  "Firefox can’t find…..

            I changed the link to a website and the website came up indicating the the link works.

            The root folder contains the working file.  There is also  a folder (site jpgs) with my jpeg images.  I exported the file to Site jpgs and created a new folder html.  After the export the working file html, index_opening html and an image folder are now in that html folder. 


            Am I missing something.  I am a bit of a novice at this.  (I am using Adobe Fireworks CS5, Classroom in a Book as an aid)


              Of course thanks for the help.

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              pixlor Level 4


              The root folder contains the working file.  There is also  a folder (site jpgs) with my jpeg images.  I exported the file to Site jpgs and created a new folder html.  After the export the working file html, index_opening html and an image folder are now in that html folder. 



              Just as a matter of clear organization, don't set up your folders this way. Look at it from a bigger picture. Your project is to develop a Web site. For that, you will probably have some draft content (maybe Word files), you will have your working Fireworks file, and you will have the final HTML, CSS, and images for the site. Let's say your project is to design a site for Swiss Cheese. Then, you need a folder for everything about this project, to keep it all in one place.


              Also, a site structure generally has the default HTML page at the top level and an images folder within that. The images folder is generally used for navigational images or anything common across all pages of a site. If I create a site with sections, keeping each section in it's own folder, I might have an images file for a section that has many images that are not used anywhere else on the site.


              Here's a simple folder structure that might work for this project of yours:

              • Project_Swiss_Cheese - contains everything about the project
                • Content - any content you might have as text, Word docs, submitted photography, etc
                • Design - contains your master FW file and any other working files
                • Web - contains the exported production HTML files and folder for images
                  • images - contains the exported images


              For a more complicated site, you might have

              • Project_Swiss_Cheese - contains everything about the project
                • Content - any content you might have
                  • Text - text files or Word docs
                  • Photos - if you have a lot of source photos for your site, organize them all together
                • Design - contains all design files, organized in folders
                  • Page  - contains your master FW file page layout file
                  • Logo - if you're doing a logo, it can sometimes be helpful to keep this separate
                  • Fonts - if you've downloaded a few fonts to try out, it can be nice to know which ones you considered and where they came from
                • Web - contains at least the index.html file, possibly also the contact, about, and privacy policy pages
                  • images - contains the exported images for the site
                  • section1 - HTML and images for a section that has a few pages and images that are only relevant to section1
                  • section2
                    • images - If a section has very many images, keep them organized
                  • section3


              In either case, you would upload to your Web host only the files in the Web folder. It contains everything your site needs and nothing it does not.


              Now...links. Here are a few tutorials





              To link from any page in the Web folder to

              • another page in the Web folder, you just put the name of the HTML file
              • a graphic or photo in the images folder, you would put "images/imagename.jpg"
              • a page in section1, you would put "section1/filename.html"


              To link from a page in section1 to

              • the site's main page, you add two dots (to indicate moving up in the path structure): "../index.html"
              • a page in section2, you have to go up the folder tree, then down again: "../section2/indexpage.html"


              The main page in each section should also be named "index.html" (or whatever is the default page name your Web host uses). This way, if someone types in just the folder name, the server sends the default file rather than giving an error.


              This is actually quite a bit of information, so take your time with it. Good luck!

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                gweingourt Level 1



                I have been away for the last four days and that is why I have not responded to you.


                As I mentioned I have been working on exercises in Adobe's CIB( "Classroom in a Book").  The problem appeared when I was working on a particulay assignment.  I believe that your original assessment was correct is so far as the setting up my folders.   However when I went to a completed example of the file I was working on  (by Adobe) and tried their links I got the same prompt: 


                Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000175 EndHTML:0000002557 StartFragment:0000002358 EndFragment:0000002521 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/gilbert/Desktop/LinkingQuestion.doc                  

                Firefox can't find the file at /Users/gilbert/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5.1/FWTemp/1153886/category.html.


                Now I know that this file was working at one time as I tested it befor working on my exercise, a completely different folder.


                Just to make sure that none of my Adobe applications or CIB files were corrupted I trashed the files and uploaded them again.


                What I do note is that Firefox sees the first page (index) and not any other.  I am really going bonkers over this.  There must be something in the exporting or something.  And actually in the unaltered Adobe file I did not have to export anything.  I just previewed it in a browser (Firefox).

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  No worries about the delay. That's why forums are so great.


                  Please review the material about links. Your link from index.html to category.html is not correct. The link tells the browser first to go from the current file to the root folder of your Web site (initial character is slash: /, and you aren't viewing the files from a Web site). From there, the link says that category.html is burried eight folders down:

                  • Users
                  • gilbert
                  • Library
                  • Application Support
                  • Adobe
                  • Fireworks CS5.1
                  • FWTemp
                  • 1153886

                  You need to set the link to just category.html (if the files are in the same folder) or reference the proper folder path.


                  Also, since the link for the file not found references the Fireworks Temp folder, please make sure to save the working file in a project folder before you do anything else. Try saving the file in a project folder, remove the link from index.html, save again, and create the link again. Save once more before trying to preview.

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                    gweingourt Level 1

                    I followed your instructions.  I still get the same results. 


                    This whole process started when I started the exercises in "Classroom In A Book"  When I believe that I was proficient I started working in a new Firewords folder for my website.  After the problem started in my website Fireworks file I went back to the exercises in "Classroom in a Book"  The problem prompt was now there.  After trashing and re-insalling software and files the problem still remains.  In a particular assignment," check_mag_site_final.fw", (Chapter 11) the initial instruction was to open a the completed file to see what my exercise file will look like after completion.  I was able to preview in the browser (Firefox) "check_mag_site_final.fw" and test out the links.  I did not have to export anything and the links worked just fine.  As I mentioned previously I am now getting that prompt:


                    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000002487 StartFragment:0000002288 EndFragment:0000002451                  

                    Firefox can't find the file at /Users/gilbert/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5.1/FWTemp/1153886/category.html.


                    I feel that I did something in Fireworks when I was working on my web site.  What do you think?

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                      gweingourt Level 1

                      I just noticed that on some of the files in Adobe Dreamweaver, Classroom in a Book I get the same error prompt..   I not so sure that it is the applications but rather the navigation of the particular links.  I am really at the point of starting completelly over in the hopes that I can get rid of this problem.

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                        pixlor Level 4

                        I agree. I think it's something about how the link is entered and how the working document is saved and the HTML files are exported. You are exporting the HTML, right? You can't link to a file that doesn't exist, yet...


                        Anyway, hang on. I've sent a message to someone who knows more than I do to see if he can help.

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                          gweingourt Level 1

                          I have been exporting the files where necessary.  However in the original finished files by Adobe this (exporting) has not been an issue.  I could just preview the original Adobe file in a browser and it use to work without exporting.


                          thanks for you stick to it ness

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                            Jim_Babbage Level 4

                            Sorry, I was just made aware of this post. Let me have a look and see what I can uncover.

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                              pixlor Level 4

                              Thanks, Jim!

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                                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                                Well, I've opened the file from the CD and there is something very strange going on with the calendar page. The rest of the preview and export work as expected, but the Calendar page is fubarred.


                                I'll dig deeper and see if I can figure out what went wrong. It may take me a couple days, as I have to squeeze this in between other projects. It's strange because the files are all Q/A'd before they go to press.

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                                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                                  Can I ask, are you having problems with your own files as well, or is it just the sample file?

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                                    gweingourt Level 1



                                    I haven't looked at the replies lately.  What I have been doing is using the AP division with absolute positioning which seems to have solved many problems.  As far as the linking is concerned I also seem to have solved the problem but I don't know how.  Thanks for your help.


                                    I just realized that you were refering to the Fireworks file.  I gave up on that and went straight to Dreamweaver which also has presented me with some problems.  


                                    Again thanks for your help.




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                                      I noticed this happening in Dreamweaver with me. For some reason I had chosen to "Preview using temporary file," so I was getting temporary files in which the links wouldn't work because they are relative paths. So I fixed it in preferences:



                                      It seems to be now the same exact thing that is happening in Fireworks, only I cannot find a place to choose to not preview using a temporary copy of the file. I haven't saved any of my files in a temporary folder or anything, I know exactly where they are, and yet it will only preview these 'temporary files.'