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    How to enable debug log for Experience Server (Mosaic).

    Janice Kendall Level 2

      To get logs for mosaic-pkg (com.adobe.livecycle.mosaic), you can either add a config using CRXDE Lite or a config using Apache Felix Web Console.


      Logger Location

      The log created, as specified below, appears as <quickstart.jar launch folder>/crx-quickstart/logs/mosaic.log


      Add Logger from CRXDE Lite

      1. browse to http://localhost:4502/crx/de/index.jsp
      2. login with administrator credentials (default is admin:admin)
      3. go to /libs > mosaic
      4. right-click on mosaic
      5. select Create - Create Node
        • Name = "config"
        • Type = sling:Folder
      6. click OK
      7. right-click on config
      8. select Create - Create Node
        • Name = org.apache.sling.commons.log.LogManager.factory.config-mosaic
        • Type = sling:OsgiConfig
      9. with this new sling:OsgiConfig node selected, add these String properties in the right pane by typing the entry into the text entry boxes on the bottom line and then pressing the green Add button (can use Clear to prepare for the next entry):
        • org.apache.sling.commons.log.file = ../logs/mosaic.log
        • org.apache.sling.commons.log.level = debug
        • org.apache.sling.commons.log.names = com.adobe.livecycle.mosaic
        • org.apache.sling.commons.log.pattern = {0,date,yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss} *{4}* [{2}] {5}
      10. Save All


      Add Logger from Console

      1. browse to http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr,
      2. login with administrator credentials (default is admin:admin)
      3. locate "Apache Sling Logging Logger Configuration"
      4. click "+" to add new configuration
        • Log Level - set to whatever you desire
        • Log File - replace with "../logs/mosaic.log"
        • Message Pattern - leave default or modify according to comments provided
        • Logger - enter "com.adobe.livecycle.mosaic" for Mosaic Server
      5. click on Save
      6. refresh to see the new entry


      - Janice