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    Play two videos or SWF at the same time and play exactly concurrently

    Mitul Golakiya Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am creating one Flex application in which I have to play two videos concurrently or two SWFs concurrently.


      Both the videos of SWFs are overlapped on each other and these videos can be more than two also.

      So these all videos will play at the same time but user will feel like that this is a one video or SWF.

      And also there is no need of Play & Pause mechanism. It will be ok if its look like any loading SWF.


      I want something that can play all the videos or SWFs concurrently. It there will be some mismatch of timing than it will looks very ugly.


      Is any component  availble to do like this ? Or any other way to do like this ?


      Please help me..

      I am using Flash Builder 4.5 on windows 7.