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    Auto page numbering using Master Pages: Left page number is smaller ??

    WatermelonJuice Level 1

      MacBook Pro

      Snow Leopard

      CS5.5 InDesign


      Using auto page numbering on Master Pages.

      Booked chapters files.


      I can not figure this out! In one of the files in the Book, all the left hand numbers are smaller than the right hand numbers on all 6 sets of Master Pages. No matter what change, create, redo, that page numbers on the left side are tiny. ??????


      A few days ago I Synced the Book, overwriting all the Styles in the Book with the oddball file in the set. Havoc. There are ofthen two Styles applied to various bits of text, it can look correct but it has a very strange Style applied and more. Real hell.Could this be part of the problem? The file with the problem is over 200 pages with complex layouts and loads of author's corrections, so I can't rebuild the file. 


      Much gratitue for Adobe Forums and the expert help!