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    No Mackie Controller Support??? Seriously???


      I have been a loyal Audition user since version 1.5 when I opened my studio 7 years ago. Before that, I worked with Cool Edit Pro. I purchased CS5.5 today only to find out you've done away with external controller support. I cannot tell you how much this angers me! I use my controller every day. What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks were you guys smokin' when you decided, "Oh, they don't need that old controller, we'll just rip that out. Oh, and they won't need to group clips anymore, either." Huh???


      That is arrogance and a lack of respect for us loyal customers who helped make Audition as successful as it has been.


      I just put in for a refund and I'll be going back to v3 until I find something else that I like or until the Audition designers get their act together. Someone needs to lose a job over this.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          Hope you have read these threads before purchasing AA CS5.5.






          Nothing has been "done away with", just certain features didn't make it to this release due to time constraints in porting Audition to the Mac as well as the new version for PC.

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            Between Adobe's crappy customer service center (that know virtually NOTHING about Audition, since they are probably not audio types, this doesn't surprise me) and the cajones for them wanting to charge me $39 to resolve an issue after I just purchased an upgrade for both Mac and Windows is absolute insanity.  Add to the fact that there is no controller support for my Tascam FW-1082 like they had with AA 3.0, and I am just plain outright disgusted.  It only proves to me that this new version of Audition was not put together by radio/tv/film production people.  It was put together by techies that know their way around an Apple or PC enough to create something that looks good, but is USELESS for anyone in the industry.  I suggest, in my humble opinion, that you get some PROS on your phone/customer service line who known your product in, out, backwards, and forwards.   I also suggest putting people in the labs to develop this software that are actually in the industry, and KNOW what's needed in a piece of software.  Just sayin.....