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    Upload App in AppStore



      i have to upload my app, i do all step and now i received an email with :

      The status for the following app has changed to Waiting For Upload.


      then i download Application Loader, and i try to upload my ipa, but i have this error:

      application failed codesign verification. the signature was invalid


      I bought the certificate, and i use this certificate in my app e in the apple step for upload..


      what i have to do?


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          Barno7 Level 1

          in my descriptor file i write:




          right my provisiong profile

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            monkey500 Level 1

            Hi guys,

            I'm also planning to submit my app on monday, and hope they'll be no last minute nightmares when I come to upload.


            I read about some early problems this year with iPad apps needing to be set to ios 3.2. I was wondering if things have

            been made automatic, so I don't have to tinker with the xml file.


            I'm using CS5.5 and Air 2.7, and intend to publish for both iPad and iPhone.


            1) Do we have to enter anything manually in these boxes, or will that be set for me once I get the Distribution Profile?

            2) Can my Fla and swf files be different to the Cert settings I give through Apple?





            3) Default images: Does anyone have a surefire way of getting all the default images to be the right way up? (My app is Landscape)


            For iPad, do I need the full 5 images? Default-Landscape.png is always good, but portrait can sometimes be upside down.


            4) My flash file is 1024 x768, and I design my artwork at 1200px, which is centered and runs off the stage. This seems to look

            fine with I test it for iPhone, so I hope this works in reality. Colin - I think you also do this, but working from iPhone size right?




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              monkey500 Level 1

              No one recently uploaded an Air 2.7 to the appstore?

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                SashaKeith Adobe Employee

                I've seen that error if I was using my dev certificate to sign the ipa I am uploading. You need to use the distribution/deployment certificate.