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    Overlapping movie clips!?

      Hi, on my website at www.flip-media.com, I have overlapping movieclips in the SERVICES section... The first mc has rollovers with sound. When we press on one of them, it loads another mc ontop of itself... The problem is, the mc underneath is still selectable... This causes great confusion...

      Is there a way to have the underneath mc become idle while the overlapping mc is apparent?

      Thank you so much for helping..

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          injpix Level 3
          You can use the movieclip’s “enabled” property for your situation.

          http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flash/8/main/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context= LiveDocs_Parts&file=00002453.html

          You can also create a blank/dead movieclip button with an alpha of 0% that becomes visible to receive button events from an invisible state.
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            philzzz Level 1
            Thanks! Well the invisible button will do for now, but it is really unproffessionnal to give the audience the feeling that they can click anywhere but they can't because of the invisible button..

            The problem with the actionscript is that I must make the parent mc enabled=false...

            _root mc, then press on a mc_button than another mc loads on top... The mc_button must make the _root mc idle... and this does not work:

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              injpix Level 3
              Ok then, ignore what I mentioned in my previous post. Try this;

              The following code is for a movieclip with an instance name of “main_mc”. Inside of main_mc is another movieclip named “child_mc”. Paste this code in the main timeline, on frame 1. So when the user clicks on main_mc it will delete its own actionscript and this will allow the user to click on child_mc. I not exactly sure how you have this planned but, in order to reactivate the actionscript for main_mc you would need to have flash read it again, perhaps have the onPress eventhandler in a function on the same frame for it will be a central point for Flash to “reactivate” it.

              Also make sure you put some can of graphic into each movieclip for you can click on something.