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    Compumoron attempts to play with big toys!  Disaster relief requested


      I just bought a new computer on Ebay.  It is gorgeous, a great big box with blue lights all over it.  Fans whirling aplenty.  The C drive is two 128GB Crucial C300 SSD drives in RAID 0 array and the operating system is Win 7 Professional 64bit.   I bought this thing to do some music videos, which is just what the world needs, of course.   The video card is an NVIDIA 4000 and there are 2TB drives.  I don't know exactly how this is done but I did buy this rig to do editing of uncompressed HD video using PPro CS5.5.   I am not computer literate at all.  But I am under the impression that I should use the two 2TB drives to store video clips on, while using the RAID 0 array for the Win 7 op system, and the Premiere Pro CS5.5 editing program.  So I am thinking that I somehow import the video clips from the 2TB drives into CS5.5 which will be on the C drive.  I'll do my editing on this C drive, then store finished works on the two 2TB drives.   So far  I haven't been able to even install my Adobe PPro!   Why not?  Because I can't even get logged into Windows without the monitor going to sleep!   It's a new computer that was custom built and sold on Ebay, of course, but from a builder with a great feedback record.  The computer worked for a couple of weeks.  Trouble started when I downloaded and installed a Windows security update for my Nvidia Quadro 4000 video card.   Now when I try to log in to Windows the monitor goes immediately to sleep.  I tried System Restore to several different points in time, even going way back but it's still not working.  In fact, it's worse now as I've been tinkering with settings trying to find a fix for it.   Lately the thing's been going to sleep so that I can't even log in in Safe Mode, which I could before.  I've been fiddling with it for a few weeks now in my spare time.  So because of all the frustration and time spent trying to change settings and make it work now I want to abandon the Raid 0 array completely.  I read somewhere "beware of SSD drives in RAID 0 array!"  So I'm planning to buy a 256gb Crucial M4 SSD, the new series that replaces the older C300 that are in it now, and not operating in Raid at all. I'll have a tech do this, of course.  But I don't know if I should go ahead and buy this SSD or not so I am asking for guidance here.  (I also tried reinstalling Windows but the thing goes to sleep so I can't even do that)   But I see that Adobe says I must have a RAID 0 array to edit uncompressed HD video in PPro CS5.5.  Must I use a RAID 0 Array to edit uncompressed HD video or would a Crucial 256GB m4 SSD do the job?  The videos will be 5 minutes or less, generally.  I'll probably composite the video from about seven takes of the band playing, and pictures of local color and college girls on the beach.  Win 7 Pro and Adobe PPro CS5.5 would be installed on this 256gb SSD drive and I guess I should use the two 2TB drives to store finished videos???  Right now my PC doesn't work at all, can't even log in to Windows 7 and I am thinking I've got it totally fouled up trying to change settings in setup to make it work!  ARGGGHHH!   So I thought of this remedy, replacing the two 128GB SSD drives now in RAID 0 array with a 256GB SSD NOT in RAID array.  But I do want to edit uncompressed HD videos from a Sony EX1R camera and use Adobe CS5.5 to do it.  Is this a good idea?  I try to read the forum comments but I am an older user and have little experience with computers.  Many of the comments refer to devices that are unfamiliar to me.   Many thanks for any advice.  James in Corpus Christi, TX

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          JCschild Level 3

          HI James,

          please define "uncompressed HD" what cams or codecs.

          as if you are really using uncompressed HD that system will not work. sounds more like a gaming box.

          SSD OS in raid 0 nothing but trouble

          what processor? how much ram? how many 2TB drives..


          the very minimum drive set up.


          C: OS/Programs

          E: media/work drive

          F: export/render to


          if you are really using uncompressed HD then E and F need to be massive raid arrays

          somehow i doubt you really have uncompressed HD.

          if using AVCHD/XDcam or other like that then 2x 2 sets raid 0 (E and F) 5 drives total including the C drive




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            First of all, EX material is not uncompressed, but heavily compressed. Luckily it is a pretty easy codec for the computer.


            Second, it is a bad idea to use a raid0 for your boot disk. Better use either a single disk or use a mirrored raid.


            Last, it would be a waste of money to get a Crucial M4 as your boot disk to replace the two SSD's you already have. Better to invest that in additional conventional disks. See Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


            Also click on the Overview tab at the top of the page and start reading some of the FAQ topics.

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              Jamesarts Level 1

              Hi Scott,

              You're right.  It is an Antec gaming box.  I am planning to use a Sony XDcam, an EX1R. 1)  I think these are indeed EX files and as Harm said below, these are in fact compressed.  I will be doing the editing from probably seven or eight takes and with a few special effects I do want some power to spare so the work will go smoothly.  2) Thank you for confirming that a Raid 0 array is bad news for the C drive.  Again, my system won't even boot into Win 7 Pro with my two 128GB Crucial C300 series SSDs in Raid 0.  But what about a newer Crucial m4 256GB SSD as the C drive?  Would something else be better?  

              3) From the Ebay listing I've got the other specs of my current system.

              Asus P6T6 WS Revolution socket 1366 motherboard - X58 chipset motherboard.


              Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition / Core™ i7 Processor / Xeon® 3500 Series Processor

              Intel Xeon X5680 Westmere six core processor - 3.33Ghz with 12MB of cache - With Hyperthreading enabled, your applications will see 12 processor cores.

              Two Crucial 128GB Solid State SATA drives, CTDDAC128MAG-1G1 - configured in a RAID 0 array (striping). This array holds the operating system and program files. Drives are housed in a StarTech.com 4x2.5 SATA backplane and connected to a HighPoint RocketRaid 2710 PCIe RAID controller and operate at the faster 6Gb/s throughput.

              Two Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB SATA hard drives for file storage - Drives are configured as just individual storage drives, but could be re-configured in RAID 1 for mirroring, or RAID 0 for striping. There is room in the case to add  7 more 3.5” hard disk drives.

              1 - nVidia Quadro 4000 PCIe video card equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory

              Thanks for the answer!  James

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                Jamesarts Level 1

                Hi Harm,

                I clicked on the link "Generic Guideline for Disk Setup" and got a broken link message.  But I see Adobe says that a Raid 0 array is a requirement for uncompressed HD vid editing so that must be the ideal setup, the most capable setup, yes?    But you also say Raid 0 is not good for the Win 7 Pro operating system and the PPro program?  These will be on the main C drive, yes?  So what do you recommend for the main C drive?  I was thinking of a Crucial M4 256GB SSD for this.   I will do the actual editing on the C drive since that's where PPro is installed, yes?  Assume that a project will consist of six or seven takes being five minutes in length each that will be imported into PPro and then the final edit will be a composite of the best of these takes.  But do I need a Raid 0 array at all.  Would not a good SSD drive work as well?  Are the Raid 0 drives for the raw video footage and then also the final videos as I finish projects?  If I have to import six or seven five minute clips into PPro to do the editing from and PPro is on the C drive which won't be Raid 0, then I don't see why they have to be imported to a Raid 0 to begin with?  What is best for the basic system?  I don't see an extra thousand dollars for SSD drives as being so important considering the time involved overall.  But what say you?  Thank you.  James

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Sorry for the broken link. Seems that the software update on these fora broke some of the links. Let's try again: Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


                  Also see: Adobe Forums: The SSD myth unraveled


                  Raid0 or better is required for uncompressed material, but that relates to the data disks, not the OS disk. Have a look at fast disk setups here: Benchmark Results