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    Sharing NTSC Wide Screen When Shooting and Editing in 1440 Question

    futurefilmboss Level 1

      I render as NTSC DVD Wide Screen the instructional videos I shoot in 1440. I do this so that I can then use Handbrake to create MP4 Chapters which I think uplod to S3 and build chapter playlists which my users find very valuable. The problem that I am looking for a solution to is this.

      The NTSC Wide Screen is only 720 px wide which scrunches the video. It looks so much better in 1440 then 720. It seems the only way to get to 1440 is to render as an MPEG but then I lose the chapter markers. So I know (or so I've been told) that I can render in AVI and preserve the chpater markers, but that takes 10 hours or so and the file size is just astronoimically large. Is there a way to create a 1440 (minimum) width DVD?

      Thanks in Advance,