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    Large Profile Problems


      I'm hoping that someone's run into this, or similar, problem, or can point me in the right direction.


      We're using the Adobe Digital School Collection and have been having an issue with Premier Elements 7.0. on Windows Vista and higher OS PC's.  Every time a new user logs in 300+ megs of sample files (.cfa) get created under their My documents folder (..\My Documents\Adobe\Premier Elements\7.0\Media Cache Files\My Project.MACC) The problem is that the machines are in a enterprise environment and the user's "My Documents" is being redirected to network storage, and with the large number of students the network drives are getting maxed out with these sample files...  and it's taking the users 20+ minutes to log in the first time as it has to push these files up to the network,


      The question is, how can we stop these files from being created with every profile?  We've tried removing Premier Elements from machines but the ..\Premier Elements\7.0\Media Cache Files\My Project.MACC.cfa  folders and files are still getting created.  We're not seeing them in in the default user profiles, so we're baffled as to where they coming from.


      Any thoughts?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This might be a good one to contact directly over, J. You can do so by following the link under Contact Adobe at the bottom of this page.


          This may not be a part of the call center's typical FAQ list, so don't be afraid to ask to speak to a manager at the Tech Support Center.

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            J.Bielak Level 1

            Unfortunately, all the call center says is that don't offer phone support for the product (premier elements 7), and all they could tell me to do was try deleting the cache or search the knowledge base... I'm checking to seeing if we can get a in touch with sales rep/engineer we've worked with in the past on these issue.