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    Why does type look mis-spaced onscreen but print perfectly?

    larry red miller Level 1

      I design a block of text, say 13 pt or 12 pt ITC Bookman Light on a point or two of leading.


      Onscreen, it looks good but not good enough. Certain letter combinations are tighter than they ought to be. This is true of the original ID 5.5 file and of a PDF file made directly from it.


      But when I print it out, it looks perfect, that is, it looks as it should without that odd letter spacing.


      Is this just the nature of mathematical pixel distortions of being onscreen?


      Why does this happen?

      How do I "fix" it?

      Would it be different if I specced the type not with points but with pixels? (Can I even do that?)


      And if I want to send this unit of type to someone to view onscreen, how can they see it the way it should look, without the odd and incorrect onscreen letter spacing?


      Thank you.