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    How to add a virtual qwerty to facebook LoginWindow


      Hello every one!


      This is my first Discussion on this forum, i have read this a few times looking for solutions, but i not for asking...


      Well, my problem is that i am developing a software usig flex builder for a all in one computer. One of the thing that the aplication does is that the user could connect to facebook in order to upload a picture. I have use the API for facebook and goes OK, and i also implement a virtual qwerty for writting into the aplication textInputs, but i want to mix both.


      I mean, i would be very grateful if someone knows how to add to the loginWindow (thats appear when use the login method of facebook) a qwerty that can write into the fields.


      Thanks in advance!!!



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          melli182 Level 1

          I finally add the qwerty keyboard to the log in window, adding it to the html.stage, but cause i cant refer to the email text input in facebook log in, i implement a java function which emulate a physical keyboard, but unfortunately when i press the virtual keyboard i los focus into the text input and the letters are not written into the field...


          anyone knows how i could mantain the focus into the field so i could write into it using the virtual keyboard???



          thanks in advance!!!

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