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    problem with air application on mac?

      1. i have an air application that is using standard native window
      2. i have a flash app that feeds some data to air app when flash app is running in browser
      3. depending upon the flash app data the air app is bring to front or restore and also shows and item w.r.t that data

      Use Case

      user clicks on a link form web and this link contains a flash component that feed some data to air app and shows message that link is opened in application

      than the air app restores and air app to front and after a jerk on screen and air app goes back and browser comes to front

      ideally the air app should be in front.


      on mac os when user clicks the link to run the flash app that feeds data to air app every things goes right except the air app is on top, air app goes behind the browser

      but in windows it works fine and air app comes to front on this process

      what can be possible reason.