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    NavigateToURL to local file




      I need print a HTM local file and a PDF external file. To select print application and opening the file, i'm using navigateToURL method.


      This technic is working to the PDF external file, but, when i try to open my local file HTM,  the application is not working.


      Maybe, i have something bad at my code. Or it's security problem. Any idea?


      var fileLocal:File = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath(data.URL_LOCAL);

      if (fileLocal.exists)


                var rootLocalfile:String = fileLocal.url;




                          navigateToURL(new URLRequest(rootLocalfile));


                 catch (e:Error)


                           trace("Error: " + e.message);




      I need print the HTM local file without using the new AIR 3. That is possible?


      I tried to use File.openWithDefaultApplication, but it's not supported to AIR for Android. Although, it isn't specified at documentation of Adobe.

      Someone know where is it written.