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    What color space does CS use when proofing/emulating CMYK (or) buying a monitor for print design

    fallenturtle Level 1

      My company is current in the process of buying new monitors for our computers. Our goal is more accurate color in relationship to printing. I already know we're going with IPS panels and that we're going to need to get a color calibration device.


      What I'm trying to figure out is what sort of gamut I should be aiming at for proofing. The higher end monitor offer Adobe RGB, but most of our photos we work with are in sRGB, so I'm trying to decide if having a monitor that can display Adobe RGB is worth the extra cost when aiming for accuracy in proofing CMYK.


      If I'm using a monitor that supports Adobe RGB, when soft-proofing for CMYK in InDesign, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop, will these applications take advantage of the expanded gamut in regards to more accurate soft-proofs or do they always emulate using the sRGB color space?