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    How do I show that I want the top banner in my artwork to be printed as a Spot Varnish?

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      Hi, I have created a background top banner file in Photoshop, flattened, saved and placed in indesign. The document is a double sided A4 card. The client wants me to supply him with a PDF set up for print (no problem) but also including the Spot UV to be printed on the top banner on both sides of the card. The design is a textured layor with a logo ontop but the client just wants the whole of the strip/top banner to be varnished/spot uv. How do I supply him with the file. There will be 2 pages in a PDF (Front/Back of card) but do I need to add another 2 identical pages with just a 100%magenta on to show I want the banner on both sides as Spot UV. Sorry for long question :-/

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          To print varnish you need to create a new SPOT color swatch which you might as well name Varnish. Apply this to anything that you want to be varnish, then set it to overprint in the attributes panel. The colors you use for display are irrelevant, but a bright red or yellow helps it stand out. Ultimately it will just be one more plate. You might want to put all varnish objects on a separate layer so it's easy to turn them off while working and for exporting a PDF that shows what's underneath the varnish.


          I;m not clear if you want to print the image, or a solid block over the image in the varnish. If you want to just print varnish where the image is, you'll need to make a bitmap copy of it in Photoshop so you have solid black wherever you want varnish and white where you don't. If you want a solid stripe across the top, just make a frame the size of the stripe (don't forget to add bleed if you need it) and fill it with your varnish color.