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    Help formating a WebHelp Pro project linked to FrameMaker


      I am new at both FrameMaker and RoboHelp, both softwares were used by my company before I came but unfortunately the folks that knew the software left before I was hired.


      I have imported our FrameMaker 7 docs into FrameMaker 10 and recreated the WebHelp Pro projects.


      I am having a few simple formatting issues which can probably be attributed to my lack of knowledge or training.


      I setup a skin, master page and style that match the old help which we need to duplicate as much as possible.


      My problem is I am linking the FrameMaker to the RoboHelp project so I don't have changes specifically within the RoboHelp project (we have custom help per customer and I am hoping to only maintain the FrameMaker document).  I am not able to get the paragraph formating (specifically indenting) to work right.  The information looks fine before the master page is applied but once the master page applies (during the help build) everything gets pushed to the left hand column and there is very little indention and it is not the way I specified in the style sheet.


      Any assistance would be great.  I was getting used to the packages and really liking them but now I am pulling my hair out over the little things (like visual formatting).