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    Project Settings/Exporting Issues overall in Premiere


      So, one thing I've never really been very good at is setting up projects in Premiere and Exporting the video itself.


      I seem to always end up screwing around with this and barely getting what I'm looking for in the end.


      For the particular video I'm currently working on it seems no matter how I compress it, there's either something wrong with the video, the audio is all screwed up or the audio is just really bad quality.


      Half the time what I've had to do with these videos is just export the base video and then merge the original audio file with the video and compress it with a different program (I've used TMPGEnc before, but that trial ran out and I'd rather not buy the full version unless this is the ONLY way).


      But overall, it seems like with Premiere I should be able to get something good with this software, instead of having to rely on other programs.



      What I'm currently working on is a demo reel with material from four different videos:


      An .avi @ 29.97 fps (720x480)


      An .avi @ 23.99 fps (720x480)


      An .mpg @ 23.976 fps (720x480)


      And a .wmv @ 30.00 fps (640x480, very small portions in the overall video however)


      I do not have access to these original project files, these videos were created over the past 7 years, and they're lost on different computers.


      Here is the project settings I have currently:




      The export settings I have tried currently include: Uncompressed Microsoft AVI, Microsoft AVI, MPEG, H.264, etc. (various others I can't remember)


      Note: This is a video that will either go on youtube or Vimeo


      Any help would be appreciated!